• Flag in memorial position Flag carried in memorial position for the 22 Veterans per day that die to Suicide. We had 22 people carrying it and the banner. Our founders (Rod & Linda Wittmier - Army) carried the banner.
  • 20 x 30 ft US flag Our memorial flag is is 20ft x 30ft.
  • Flag takes up 2 lanes Our memorial flag took up both lanes of the main street.
  • Flag in a Veterans Day parade This was in the Veterans Day Parade in Auburn WA, the largest west of the Mississippi.
  • Flag takes up 2 lanes Carrying the flag were Civilians, Active Duty & Past Duty Veterans, spouses and kids
  • Narrow the flag at times It was fun when we had to narrow the flag to get through a barrier.
  • NA2EVS Awarded Best Veteran Organization NA2EVS won the award for Best Veteran Organization.
  • Salute our flag Imagine holding your salute when this 30 foot flag goes by.

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