Initially this area will be addressing the collection of available data regarding Veteran suicide deaths and suicide attempts. Seeking increased data capture by mental health agencies, law enforcement and justice systems regarding Veteran self-injury, harm, and risk taking behaviors.

We are a stand to connect researchers that are doing important work to create a better understanding of Veteran Suicide. Below is a collection of sites and links that offer the latest research being done on Military & Veteran Suicide, PTSD, and Moral Injury:

VA National Suicide Data Report

The 2001-2020 report (updated Sept 2022) from the Suicide Prevention Program of our Federal VA.

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VA Suicide Data and Reporting Site

This lists the yearly reports, appendix, methods and FAQs

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DoD Quarterly Suicide Report

The Department of Defense (DoD) Quarterly Suicide Report (QSR) summarizes suicide counts and annual rates for the Active Component, Reserves, and National Guard.

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National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

U.S. Surgeon General - Suicide Prevention Reports and PUblications

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Moral Injury Recognition and Care

Center for Deployment Psychology 2017 Presentation by William Nash, M.D.

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PTSD Research Quarterly on Moral Injury

National Center for PTSD Research 2012 report on Moral Injury in the Context of War

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