Providing increased education to the general public regarding the issues facing young Veterans and Families bringing awareness to the serious issue of Veteran Suicide, PTSD and TBI.

Begin by learning the signs of crisis

Continue your education with our list of recommended training. You can take these online to understand the Veteran experience and it's impact:

Operation: Veteran Freedom - workshop for Veterans and their family

This workshop is designed to give our Veterans freedom from the past. It allows them to set aside blame and regret which enables them to create a life worth living into.

Details on Operation: Veteran Freedom workshop

Release and Reframe - workshop for Veterans, First Responders, and their family

This workshop uses 3 amazing guided visualization to give attendees a Release from trauma and a way to Reframe something new in its place.

Details on Release and Reframe workshop

Continued Education for Health Professionals

The Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) has interactive online courses designed for clinicians caring for military service members, veterans and family members. The goal of these courses is to provide psychological health (PH) professionals with knowledge of military culture to improve communication, understanding and overall interaction with warriors and their families.


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