Blankets For Hope

Blankets For Hope is one chapter of our Warriors Christmas Tale that we organize to benefit our Veteran families that are in need.

This is a movement seeking to fill a void within communities across our nation. The number of Veterans and their families on the streets, or sleeping in their cars every night is staggering.

The Cold Hard Facts:

  • Our Veterans make up somewhere between 9% - 33% of the homeless in regions of our nation.
  • The largest growth population is with our recent Female Veterans.
  • Common for war veterans, they get angy and punch the wall. Now a DV case, they cannot see their family and end up sleeping in their car.
  • Whole familes are homeless.
The exciting part of this movement is that it allows the entire community to be a part of it and you don't have to be a Veteran to make a difference!

Blankets For Hope - a Winter Clothing Drive for Homeless Veteran Families
Considering that whole families are homeless, the need is there for winting clothing for our Male & Female Veterans as well as their Children.

A touching story: Our volunteers were receiving clothing during December's winter weather when a family walked near and then stopped. One of them, a young girl around 10 years old, looked at her family for their approval then approached our tent. She asked; "Are you accepting coats for the children of our homeless veterans?" Our team responded with, "Yes of course." She then took the coat off her back and handed it to our team. The volunteers all started to cry and got that there is hope in our nation.

Please become a Volunteer Champion and take on creating this event as a collaboration in your area. We will provide guidance and the formula for success.

Specific Event Locations:

Here is the list of Western Washington clothing drives:

When Where Recipients
12/21/19 10am to 3pm Grand Prix Raceway, 11015 Pacific Hwy SW, Lakewood, WA Tacoma Rescue Mission Veteran Program
Note: Due to recent changes in what clothing is accepted at the VA, we are NOT accepting used clothing! Please take used clothing to the Tacome Rescue Mission or to your local Goodwill donation center.
If you know of Veteran focused groups that could receive used clothing please share that with us, so we can list them here.

11/5/19 Breaking News:

We are excited to share a new program that can bring great results to many Veteran Shelters across the nation. Thanks to a national partnership with You Give Goods we are able to create an online shopping drive page of new winter items. We set the recipient of the items from each drive page to different shelters/programs that focus on Veteran Families. It's very simple, an organization/business partners with NA2EVS as Sponsor (they do the marketing of that drive page) and chooses a Recipient non-profit shelter/program near them. Page visitors then buy new items (receiving immediate tax receipt for their donation) and after the last day of the drive the items are shipped to that shelter/program.

To setup a Blankets For Hope winter clothing drive page for a shelter/program near you, please communicate with Rod.Wittmier our National Director by emailing rod.wittmier at na2evs dot org.

Here is the list of Blankets For Hope - Online Winter Clothing Drive pages:

Sponsor Recipient Region Link Last Day To Shop Local Non-profit Programs Western WA 12/31/19
Tina Kennedy Fort Kennedy Portland OR 12/31/19
Veterans Lending Group Orting Soldiers Home Pierce County WA Coming Soon 12/31/19

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