Feast Of Valor

A chapter of our Warriors Christmas Tale, the Feast Of Valor is a lifting and empowering holiday social for our Veterans at or near a VA Hospital. It is often in direct support of the Homeless Veterans at the VA Domicillary or local missions.

We ask for your assistance to create this holiday event for our Veterans.
You could start at your church, office or a nearby business, asking others to donate items like:

  • Time as a volunteer to be in service at this event
  • Money to allow us to purchase the food and supplies needed for the event
  • Christmas gifts to our Veterans thanking them for their sacrifice
  • Prizes we can use for door prizes, etc.
Become a Volunteer Champion and take on creating this event as a collaboration in your area (with our guidance and formula).

Specific Event Locations:

2019 Western Washington State:

We are reorganizing what we do and have chosen to not have this event in 2019.

2018 Western Washington State:

This was our 9th Annual - Western Washington State collaboration of the Rescue Mission - Tacoma, our local VA Hospital, other local businesses and of course you!   * Business owners, organizations or individuals that want to help our Veterans and their families, please contact Tony Dayton at 253-878-8871 or Rod Wittmier at 253-256-2015.

Sat 12/8/2018
5 to 9 pm
Feast Of Valor - 9th Annual
Holiday dinner for our Homeless Veterans in the region
VA American Lake, Bldg 9, Tacoma, WA

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