Local Groups

We desire to have local groups in every region of our nation, wherever Veterans are found. Our site has been designed to give each local group a home page of their own.

Start a Group

If you would like to start a local VCAN group, please email our founder (Rod.Wittmier at na2evs dot org) to setup a call to discuss.

It is easier then you would think and a great phrase to consider is:

No one can do EVERYTHING, BUT EVERYONE CAN do something!

Visit our Champions page to see some of things you could start doing now.

Group in Washington State

With the bulk of our volunteers in Washington State (our organization's head quarters), we offer the link below to WA events.

Click here for Washington state events or Click here for events in all states


Pierce County
King County
Thurston County
Kitsap County
  • Contact:  Rod Wittmier
  • Email:


Southern & Eastern Oregon
  • Contact:  Mark Ayers
  • Title:  Area Coordinator
  • Email:

North Carolina

Wake County
  • Contact:  Larry Fife
  • Title:  Area Coordinator
  • Email:

Your State

Your City/County, Your State
  • Contact:  coming soon
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