Workshop: Release and Reframe

A 1-day in person workshop specially designed for Military/Veteran & First Responder families by a Vietnam era Navy Veteran & First Responder (Doug Hudson).  It uses 3 amazing guided visualization to give attendees a Release from trauma and a way to Reframe something new in its place. This is not a suicide prevention workshop.

You do NOT need to have experienced trauma to see amazing benefits from this workshop!

Comment from our course designer and trainer Doug Hudson:
    "We have heard it said that you must live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for the rest of our life. What if that was not true?"

Commitment:  Is for you to discover new ways to look at yourself, the world including your past and present circumstances. By seeing these things in a new light your past will no longer dictate to you how you feel and limit what actions you can take.

Outcomes:  Upon completion You will experience more Freedom and Peace Of Mind. 

Costs:  Sponsors cover expenses so that it is FREE for our Service Members, Veterans, First Responders, and their adult family members or caregivers.

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Testimony from Attendees:

"I am at peace. I don't feel alone anymore. I can forgive myself and learn to love myself again."
   Afghanistan - Navy Seal

"Helped me cope with perceptions of myself from my childhood and learned I do not have to be that person."
   Iraq & Afghanistan - Army Veteran

"A great sense of peace and understanding of the things I create for myself."
   Iraq - Veteran

"This is an amazing program. I am now more connected to friends and family. I am also present to who I am in this world."
   Woman Army Veteran

Requirements / Exclusions:

This course is designed for all Military Veterans & First Responders (male or female), regardless of whether you had experienced trauma in life. It is also for impacted family members (parents, spouse, adult children, etc.). We encourage providers that work with our Military, Veterans or First Responders to attend.

You may experience memories about what happened to you and / or others. If you are unwilling to experience the emotions, feelings, body sensations and thoughts that may come up in these discussions, you should discuss this with us prior to the workshop.
If you have attempted suicide in the past 12 months, currently experiencing severe depression or are taking any Psychotropic drugs (those that affect the mind, emotions, or behavior) you should consider talking to your mental health professional before attending this workshop.

You and you alone are responsible for your well-being!

Where Is The Workshop:

Select locations in WA are regularly scheduled, consider attending online or in person.   With additional sponsorship we can bring this workshop to communities across the nation.   To start the conversation for your community, send an email to Rod.Wittmier at

To Attend:

On our events page, please find the Release and Reframe workshop most ideal for you, click Register to reserve your seat (and one for a significant other, adult family member/caregiver, and/or another Veteran/First Responder).


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