Welcome to the Program for 'Lifebook Military';

A Lifebook Support System for the Military Veteran Community (LB4MV)

This program is part of the NA2EVS Education Focus Area.

'Lifebook Military' is a solution to many of the common problems that Veterans and their Family Members often experience:

  • Unclear of what mission to take on outside of or after the military.
  • Feeling like a ship without a rudder.
  • Missing a complete blueprint for the success of the entire rest of Your Life.
  • Wishing you had the Training and Tools to create higher quality engagements with your Family and Friends.
  • Wanting something like an Operations Order for Your Life, to bring clear and precise direction to everyday living.

We proudly introduce the collaboration between NA2EVS and LB4MV:

Discover & Achieve YOUR Most Important Objectives Across All 12 Dimensions of Your Life!

What Exactly is Lifebook Military?
Lifebook Military is a Subset Program of the Lifebook Online System, created by James Beck (a Certified Lifebook Leader and U.S. Army Combat Veteran), & tailored Specifically & Exclusively towards Military Veterans and our Families. The idea is, that by designing a Veteran Centric Channel of Support for Lifebook, our community can achieve a higher level of Life Mission Success with Lifebook, because the program is “niched down” & translated into our specific language. LB4MV includes:

  • A Private Group on the Lifebook Platform
  • An Automated Guidance System to promote Mission Success on your Lifebook journey
  • Live Q & A Support calls
  • A Community of like minded Members
and much, much more!

LB4MV Full Details & Live Human Q & A is Here

So What then is Lifebook?
The Lifebook Program functions as a Transformational Lifestyle Design System. It Empowers you to ENVISION, PLAN, and ACHIEVE your very best life (on your own terms).
Through a Self Paced, Online Course, Lifebook Creator Jon Butcher guides you through an intuitive step-by-step process to help you discover who you really are and what you want in all 12 dimensions of your life – then to design a personal action plan to Execute & Achieve it.

3 minute video to learn what Lifebook is Do NOT Enroll from this video!

Costs for the Lifebook Military - Cohort Program:
The Lifebook Online program is currently priced at $500 and is self-paced. NA2EVS adds community by conducting this cohort style with a weekly check in session with Q&A, total cost of $600.
Donors will Sponsor Veterans via our 'Lifebook Military - Scholarship Fund'.
The cost to each Veteran will be reduced to $300 as NA2EVS will provide a 50% scholarship.

Upon completion of the Program, you will have Lifetime access to a Lifebook Online account and the LB4MV Support Channel (to view videos and be in the community of both Lifebook & LB4MV) and as a Veteran, your cost is just $300.

Oh but by the way, if the Vet wants their spouse / significant other to have their own Lifebook account (while not necessary it is useful), spouses / significant others also pay $300. However, if they don’t want their own account, they are welcome to participate at no additional cost.

Commitment needed to be in the Lifebook Military - Cohort Program:
You will:

  • Be with us for 8 weeks, typically just a 1 hour huddle. We plan to start a new cohort every quarter.
  • Invest about 2-4 hours / week creating your Lifebook.
To get started you will:
  • Donate $300, as a Pay It Forward, for another to receive this (lifetime) program.

Your Call To Action:
We hope you fall into one of the three cases below:

  1. You are a Service Member or Veteran and you would Pay It Forward $300 and join this program now:
       We are waiting for the Lifebook Military Scholarship Fund to be charged up. We will then enable a sign up link below.
       For now, send an Email to with Subject of "Interested in next NA2EVS Lifebook Military Cohort".

  2. You want to donate to provide $300 scholarship for one or more Service Members / Veterans to benefit from this program:

    DONATE to Lifebook Military Scholarship Fund

  3. You have questions about Lifebook Military before you signup.
    Full Details of the program are explained on a Call with James Beck.

    LB4MV Pre Signup - Book That Call Here

Thank you for considering the NA2EVS Lifebook Military Cohort program.

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