The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 17-22 Veterans per day die from suicide. This is one loss every 65-85 minutes, totaling 6,200-8,030 deaths per year, 18-20 percent of all suicides in the United States. The biggest age spikes are 18-29 years old and over 50 years old. Recent research shows that the year around separation from the military is the highest spike.


To End Veteran Suicide in our nation through our focus areas of Education, Resources, Research, and Community.


Our friends and collaborators know us as NA2EVS and that we are not a Veteran Service Organization (VSO), rather a Veteran Community Organization (VCO) where you need not be a Veteran to make a difference. We are not, focused on preventing suicide so that Veterans just survive, instead we expect them to THRIVE!

NA2EVS listens for and reliably delivers what makes a real difference in what Veterans are dealing with and what really matters to them. We invite you to be in alliance with us on this important mission, either as a collaborator or a Volunteer Champion.

#BeThere - Your actions could save a life -

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Operation Veteran Freedom workshop

Share this break-through workshop with our Service Members, Veterans and their families. Help us to schedule one near Service Members & Veterans in your area.
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Race 2 Save Veteran Lives

Join forces on local and national races focused on #EndVeteranSuicide. Partner with us to create one in your area or virtually.
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Lifebook Military - Scholarship Fund

NA2EVS is in the pilot phase of an amazing 8 week cohort training based on Lifebook Military, which empowers our Service Members and Veteran families to ENVISION, PLAN, and ACHIEVE their very best life.
We are seeking donations to charge up our Lifebook Military - Scholarship Fund before attendees can join in!
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Whole Health Initiative

The VA Whole Health System includes conventional treatment, but also focuses on self-empowerment, self-healing, and self-care. Learn how the NA2EVS programs map into these amazing self-care practices.
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Become a Member of NA2EVS

We now offer an individual membership option with gifts based on the level of support you give.  Our business level membership provides benefits and is the entrance to our alliance partners program.
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#ShowUsYour22 - Turn 22 into Positive Action

We encourage everyone to join our campaign 'Show Us Your 22'. Based on the fact that 20-22 Veterans per day take their own lives, what actions can we do as a community using the number 22 (per hour, day, week or year) to have an impact on Veteran Suicide? Click here to learn more on #ShowUsYour22

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